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Updated: 9/19/2019

Margaret - Traditional Czech Pilsner - 4.7% ABV

Tony the Admiral - CA Oat Lager - 5.5% ABV

Rancho Los Cerritos - California Vienna Lager - 5.1% ABV

Tmavý Ležák? More like Timothy Lazer. AMIRITE?! - Czech Dark Lager 5.1 %ABV

Boomer - American Pale Ale - 5.0% ABV

Do it for Dad - American IPA - 6.3% ABV - Ales for ALS

Audrey - Citra Mosaic IPA - 6.5% ABV

The Coward - West Coast IPA - 6.4% ABV

Cyclone Racer - American Double IPA - 8.0% ABV

Autonomy - American Amber Ale - 5.8% ABV

John Brown Ale - American Brown Ale - 6% ABV

Father’s Shout (NITRO) - Milk Stout - 6.0% ABV

Coming Soon / Returning

Don Juan Temple - Saison - 5.3% ABV (Rancho Los Cerritos Anniversary Beer #3)

  • Saison w/ Elderberry Special Edition

  • Saison w/ Rose Apple Special Edition

Slay the Hun - German-Style Kolsch - 4.6% ABV

Easy A - NITRO Imperial Cream Ale w/ Orange Peel & Vanilla - 8.1% ABV


COre Beers

Should you be brave enough to venture past the front door, Liberation Brewing usually offers the following 6 brews year round and additional rotating/seasonal beers.

The Pike amusement zone and midway in bygone Long Beach, was the spot for thrills on the beach. Hold on to your hats and glasses, our first 3 beers will take you on a hoppy ride!


Figure 8


The classic style that put California on the beer map. Named after the first roller coaster in Long Beach. Hang on to your butts or we’ll hang on to them for you.

5.4% ABV  |  2 Row & Flaked Wheat  |  Bravo & Citra




Jackrabbit Racer was once the 2nd largest roller coaster in America. Green hops meet gold malts in a beer for scholars and champions. Buckle up!

6.6% ABV | 2 Row, Munich | Nugget, Simcoe, Mosaic, & CTZ

Cyclone Racer DIPA_square.jpg

Cyclone Racer


Legend has it that one poor soul flew off this monster roller coaster into the sea, and was eaten by giant squids. You must be taller than this line ———————— to ride the brain melting Cyclone Racer Double IPA.

8% ABV | 2 Row, Rye, & Dextrose | Bravo, Simcoe, Amarillo, & Azacca



On the malty side of our portfolio are the following brews that solemnly swear, they are up to no good.

Mostly Harmless Cream Ale_square.jpg

Mostly Harmless


Blast your gob with Ford Prefect’s chosen libation and tee up the end of the world. People will remark: There’s a frood who really knows where his towel is.”

4.8% ABV | 2 Row, 6 Row, & Flaked Maize | Nugget & Hallertau Mittelfruh

Autonomy Amber Ale_square.jpg



This brash brew occupies a free space apart from the historical trappings of past amber ales. She raises her fist in the air and shouts DEATH TO TYRANTS!!!

5.8% ABV | 2 Row, Caraaroma, Crystal 75, Chocolate Malt, & Flaked Oats | Nugget & Mosaic

Kompromat Brown Ale_square.jpg

John Brown


Complex and Quixotic, like it's abolitionist martyr's namesake. Liberator of this classic style, from its weak-sauce contemporaries. "Who, when the mob shouted, 'MADMAN!' said 'SAINT!"

6% ABV | 2 Row, Brown, & Carafa III | Nugget, CTZ, Simcoe, & Cascade